Custom Products & Capabilities

Rubber & Plastic Extrusions & Moldings

Fairchild Industries Custom Rubber & Plastic Products

Customers appreciate Fairchild Industries ability to re-engineer rubber and plastic components due to under-performing designs. Our in-house product development and engineering teams thoroughly analyze parts application, demands of use environment, and materials to optimize performance in three key areas: fit, form, and function.

If you have an underperforming part, our teams will utilize our top-quality, worldwide manufacturing partners to provide a quality product to your specifications. We eliminate the hassle of qualifying global suppliers to develop competitive, high quality products.

Our Main Capabilities Include:
• Rubber Extrusions
• Plastic Extrusions
Rubber Moldings
Plastic Moldings
• Rubber to Metal Bonded Components

Fairchild Industries excels in providing rubber and plastic focused solutions and engineering services to a variety of customers in the Custom Products Market. To gather more information about our rubber or plastic moldings and extrusions and services, please contact us here for more information or Request a Quote.

Custom Parts

A/C Hoses Door Seals Knee pads
Air Hoses Dust Seals Knobs
Arm Rests Edge Trim Plugs
Back Rests Engine Mounts Protectors
Belt Weatherstrips Fender Flares Radiator hoses
Boat-Trailer Rollers Fuel filter grommets Shift boots
Bumpers Fuel tank boot Stops
Bushings Fuel tank liner Taillight inner seals
Caps Fuel tank neck boot Trim Seals
Coolant Hoses Gaskets Trunk seals
Cowl Seals Grommets Vent window seals
Door Glass Cushions Guards Window Channels
Door Reveal Molding Isolators Window Seals
*This list is not all-inclusive

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