Precision from the point of design | Engineering design

Every manufactured part starts with a design. Our engineers utilize SolidWorks software for computer aided design and file conversion services to bring true precision to the design phase. As experts in rubber and plastic, we’re used to designing parts with variable tolerances and volatile material environments. So whether you need a print interpreted, a file converted or a new part designed – we’re here to ensure that you don’t bring an incorrect print, model or measurement to the sample phase.

2D Drawings and Prints

Fairchild’s Engineering team can quickly create production-ready 2D drawings for rubber and plastic components (among other materials) that accurately depict the way your parts need to be built.

Precision in 2D Prints

  • Achieve clear and accurate depictions of your parts
  • Seamless conversion to 3D models for enhanced visualization
  • Expedited print turnaround and reduced design iterations save valuable resources.

3D models for rubber and plastic parts

Need a project designed? Have a part that needs to be retrofitted into a larger assembly? Using SolidWorks, our engineers can take a physical part or print and create a precise 3D model out of it. Let our accuracy in the design phase save you time and money further down the path to manufacturing.

Enhanced Services for Your Success

  • Value-added materials and design expertise elevate our services
  • Exceptional attention to detail in molded and extruded parts design
  • Streamlined process minimizes iterations from concept to final design.

File conversion services

Designers and engineers commonly find the CAD data they need isn’t in the right file format for their specific software. Fairchild’s Engineering Division can easily convert data “from” and “to” other design and manufacturing tools.

Work with Fairchild to save time on your designs, reduce development costs and get your CAD data into the proper format.