Marine Polymers

Fairchild Industries has provided rubber & plastic extrusions & moldings for the marine and boating industry for more than 50 years. From prototyping to production, our ability to respond quickly, develop and design, and provide product that meet and exceeds detailed requirements has given us the market edge in supplying rubber & plastic extruded & molded products.

Fairchild Industries excels in providing extruded and molded rubber & plastic focused solutions and engineering services to a variety of customers in the marine and boating industry. To gather more information about our rubber & plastic molded and extruded products and services, please use our search tools or contact us.

Hoses: Fairchild Industries supplies a number of types of hoses used for various applications. These hoses include: radiator hoses, hydraulic hoses, heater hoses and induction hoses. Various materials are used to meet the specifications of each type of hose.

Edge Trims can be used virtually anywhere a quality decorative or protective edge is needed. They’re easy to use – just push the trim down on any exposed edge and, with the industry’s strongest and most resilient gripping power, it snaps into place.Aluminum core eliminates red rust and is used in saltwater applications. Steel core is used in most applications.Available in a variety of decorative finishes and textures, as well as a wide variety of standard and custom colors. And they can be used on an almost endless list of products – parking lot mirrors, scoreboards, dry erase boards, satellite dishes, pedicure foot baths, golf carts, cabinets, motorcycle helmets and more.

Self-Sealing Weatherstrips are easy-to-install, locking glass securely in place while providing an effective seal from the elements. And when fixed glass is not an option for your window installation, we also offer a weatherstrip sliding glass assembly that seals just as tight.These Weatherstrips are so flexible and versatile they’re used in a variety of markets and industries for fixed windows applications such as – garage door windows, RV windows, interrogation room windows and heavy farming equipment.

Trim Seals are the product of choice for automotive, marine and transportation industries. But they’re ideal for virtually any application that needs a solid, reliable seal – from toolboxes to closet doors, boat hatches to storage containers. And when it comes to gripping power, our flexible wire and segmented steel cores are the strongest and most resilient in the industry.Push-On Trim Seals are also easy to use and install without gluing; just push them down on any raw edge or flange to lock them in place. Types of trim seals we offer: Dual Durometer Sponge and Solid Rubber with Flexible Wire Core, Vinyl and Sponge Rubber with Flexible Segmented Steel Core, Dual Durometer EPDM Rubber with Flexbile Segmented Steel Core, double bulb trim seals and more.