Rail and Freight Polymers

Over 50 Years of Expertise 

Fairchild Industries has been serving the rail and freight industries with high-quality rubber and plastic components for over 50 years. From durable train door seals to custom-engineered molded parts for various freight applications, Fairchild Industries delivers comprehensive solutions to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Product Offerings

  • Rubber Extrusions & Moldings: We provide a wide range of rubber components, including train door seals, gaskets, and weatherstripping. Our rubber products are designed to ensure a secure seal, preventing air and water ingress and maintaining the integrity and safety of train doors and other critical components.
  • Plastic Extrusions & Moldings: Our high-quality plastic products are precision-engineered for various applications in the rail and freight industries. These components offer excellent resistance to wear and environmental factors, making them ideal for both interior and exterior use.

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

At Fairchild Industries, we understand that each project in the rail and freight industry is unique. Our in-house engineering team works closely with you from prototyping to production, ensuring that every detail meets your specifications and performance criteria. Whether you need standard off-the-shelf products or bespoke solutions, we provide quality-focused, cost-effective, and innovative components.

Roof spacers are essential components in auto racks used for transporting vehicles by rail. Positioned between the roof of the railcar and the vehicles being carried, these spacers provide crucial clearance and support. Their primary function is to maintain a safe distance and prevent contact between the vehicle roofs and the railcar roof during transit. This helps prevent damage and ensures secure transportation of automobiles and other vehicles. They play a critical role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of vehicle transport by rail, making them integral components in modern rail logistics systems.

Fender Flares are used for various applications which blocks mud and prevents stones from damaging the sides of a vehicle.

Hoses: Fairchild Industries supplies a number of types of hoses used for various applications. These hoses include: radiator hoses, hydraulic hoses, heater hoses and induction hoses. Various materials are used to meet the specifications of each type of hose.

Belt Weatherstrips which are also known as beltline moldings, beltline weatherstrips, window fuzzies, cat whisker, window felts. There are two beltline weatherstrips on each door. Inner belts are the weatherstrips along the interior beltline of a door that prevent water, air and dust from entering the vehicle. Outer belts are the weatherstrips along the interior beltline of a door that prevent water, air and dust from entering the vehicle. The outer belt is also an exterior ornamental component that can have chrome, stainless steel beads or color to give the vehicle a nice look.

Edge Trims can be used virtually anywhere a quality decorative or protective edge is needed. They’re easy to use – just push the trim down on any exposed edge and, with the industry’s strongest and most resilient gripping power, it snaps into place.Aluminum core eliminates red rust and is used in saltwater applications. Steel core is used in most applications.Available in a variety of decorative finishes and textures, as well as a wide variety of standard and custom colors. And they can be used on an almost endless list of products – parking lot mirrors, scoreboards, dry erase boards, satellite dishes, pedicure foot baths, golf carts, cabinets, motorcycle helmets and more.

Door seals are critical components in rail and freight vehicles, serving as primary weatherstrips to prevent water, air, dust, and noise from entering the car or vehicle interior. These seals can be mounted on the body or directly on the door, secured using clips, fasteners, tapes, glues, or fitting into dedicated channels. Fairchild Industries specializes in manufacturing robust door seals tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the rail and freight industry, providing solutions that prioritize durability, reliability, and effective environmental control.

Hood Seals (engine compartment seals) are weatherstrips that manage air flow between the hood and the engine compartment.

Self-Sealing Weatherstrips are easy-to-install, locking glass securely in place while providing an effective seal from the elements. And when fixed glass is not an option for your window installation, we also offer a weatherstrip sliding glass assembly that seals just as tight.These Weatherstrips are so flexible and versatile they’re used in a variety of markets and industries for fixed windows applications such as – garage door windows, RV windows, interrogation room windows and heavy farming equipment.