Rapid Prototyping Rubber and Plastic Parts

3D printing rubber and plastic parts for cost-effective prototypes
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Cost-effective rapid prototyping. Shorten the sample phase & save money proving your designs.

As experts in rubber and plastic well accustomed to sample phases in the range of ‘acceptable’ to ‘way too long’ we know the importance of getting your prototypes right, the first time. The good news is technology is transforming the market for rubber, plastic and metal prototypes for the better. From our SolidWorks software to 3D printers, we’ve invested in advancing your go-to-market timetables through cheaper, more accurate rapid prototyping

How we bring your designs to life:

We offer measurement and design services in-house. So we can reverse engineer a print out of a sample, or take a CAD file straight to 3D printing.

Our three main services in prototyping are:

  1. 3D printing functional or non-functional plastic prototypes.
  2. 3D printing functional or non-functional rubber prototypes. 
  3. 3D printing rubber and plastic ‘knitted’ prototypes or assemblies with multiple printed parts

Stratysys Objet 30 Pro

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