Self-Sealing Weatherstrips: Customizable and Secure

Fairchild Industries presents Self-Sealing Weatherstrips, a versatile range known by various names like rubber locking gaskets, window gaskets, glazing seals, and window seals. Crafted from EPDM rubber, these seals boast a unique design that allows for easy customization to perfectly fit any window.

Compatible with all vehicle types, the material adapts seamlessly to any window size. Choose between one-piece and two-piece options, with the former featuring a locking strip for securing in place, while the latter utilizes a separate locking strip between the glass and body to ensure a secure bond.

At Fairchild Industries, we are committed to delivering top-notch rubber and plastic solutions, serving diverse industries with engineering excellence. For more information about our products and services, use our search tools or click the link to Request a Quote today.