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Fairchild Industries is a well-known solutions provider in the rubber and plastic extrusion and molding industry. Fairchild develops and distributes a line of extrusions and moldings that can be applied to a wide variety of equipment, vehicles, and industrial machinery. These products include: belt weatherstrips, edge trims, grommets, hoses, self-sealing weatherstrips, trim seals, tape-on rubber seals, window channels, and more.

Fairchild Industries excels in providing rubber and plastic focused solutions and engineering services to a wide variety of automotive and industrial markets. Gather more information about our products and services using our search tools—or request a quote here.

Trim Seals are also known as bulb trim seals because of the round shape at the top of the trim. Fairchild can co-extrude double bulbs along with multiple materials and densities. Trim Seals come in various materials which include but not limited to: Dense and Sponge EPDM, Neoprene, vinyl and PVC. Trim seals typically have reinforced carriers using a flexible wire core or flexible segmented steel core. These rubber seals are placed on the window, door or truck body to allow for water and weather resistance.

Hoses are used in many different applications in order for a system to work. These types of hoses include: Radiator, heater, vacuum, intercooler turbo, air cleaner, breather, and fuel. Typical materials used are EPDM, fabric ply, EPDM peroxide, Neoprene, AEM, NBR/PVC, NBR/CR, and silicone. Typical processes include: extrusion, pultrusion, mandrel formed, fiber reinforcement, non-reinforced, and wrapped.

Edge Trims can be used virtually anywhere a quality decorative or protective edge is needed. Our edge trims are available in a variety of decorative finishes and textures, as well as a wide variety of standard and custom colors. The edge trims offer flexibility, insulation, and resistant to chemicals and any weather situations. The trims can also withstand all extreme temperatures. Edge trims typically come with an aluminum core, to eliminate red rust in saltwater applications, or steel core, most highly used. Used in the following products: parking lot mirrors, scoreboards, dry erase boards, satellite dishes, pedicure foot baths, golf carts, cabinets, motorcycle helmets and more.
Rubber Seals are also known as D-seals which are a rubber seal with adhesive to go along the edge of car doors and other vehicles which include RVs. Since they are a tape-on seal, they can be placed quickly and effectively. Tape-on seals are typically sponge EPDM and used in the following OEM and aftermarket segments: RV(Recreational Vehicle), Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Truck Body and more.
Belt Weatherstrips which are also known as beltline moldings, beltline weatherstrips, window fuzzies, cat whisker, window felts. There are two beltline weatherstrips on each door. Inner belts are the weatherstrips along the interior beltline of a door that prevent water, air and dust from entering the vehicle. Outer belts are the weatherstrips along the interior beltline of a door that prevent water, air and dust from entering the vehicle. The outer belt is also an exterior ornamental component that can have chrome, stainless steel beads or color to give the vehicle a nice look.
Window Channels are built with a groove in between to provide the ideal fit between the car body and the window. Because of its rubber material, it is able to be flexible and fit different vehicles and windows. Window Channels hold and protect glass securely while shielding occupants and contents from dust, moisture and noise. Applications include: OEM and aftermarket applications, including classic auto restoration, sliding glass windows in office foyers, separation windows in taxis and police cars, recreational vehicles, and ticket booths.
Self-Sealing Weatherstrips are also known as rubber locking gaskets, window gaskets, glazing seals and window seals. These rubber seals are typically EPDM and have a unique design to be customizable to any fit in order to quickly seal a window. They are compatible for any vehicle and the material is able to fit any size window. There is a one piece and two-piece option. The one piece sealant includes a locking strip to secure it in place while the two-piece sealant uses a separate locking strip in the middle of the part in-between the glass and body to secure the glass to the panel.

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